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to spur innovation growth in the life sciences industry across Southeastern Pennsylvania.

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Pennsylvania is a global life sciences leader

While these numbers are exciting, we know how rapidly the industry is changing. We must work across life sciences organizations and with community partners to navigate the new demands.

Thanks to new funding from the American Rescue Plan through the US Economic Development Administration’s Good Jobs Challenge, we can come together to tackle these challenges head on.
*According to Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development

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Keystone LifeSci Collaborative is a regional, Next Gen partnership of Southeastern Pennsylvania life science leaders along with community partners to address the shared business priorities and advance regional competitiveness.

Our Mission

The mission of Keystone LifeSci Collaborative is to position Southeastern Pennsylvania-based life science institutions and organizations for growth in a competitive landscape by organizing public and community partners alongside industry leaders to create sustainable talent pipelines and solve industry challenges.

Steering Committee

A.J. Adams

Manager of Partner Services at the West Philadelphia Skills Initiative

Cait Garozzo

Executive Director at the West Philadelphia Skills Initiative

David Zuzga, Ph.D

Associate Dean of Biomedical Studies, The Wistar Institute

Eric Hacherl, Ph.D

Founder and CEO, Smart Bio Works, Chief Operating Officer, Kyttaro Therapeutics

Kristy Shuda McGuire, Ms, Ph.D

Dean of Biomedical Studies at The Wistar Institute

Margaret Bryans, Ph. D

Biotechnology Associate Professor and Program Coordinator at Montgomery County Community College

Patrick Bayer, MBA

Sr. Manager, Economic Mobility at University City District

Bryan Tsao, Ph. D. Manager

Life Science and Healthcare Initiatives at The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia